The House Alexandra Sojfer

For Alexandra Sojfer, craftsmanship and a love for fine items are a family tradition. In the 1930s, her grandfather carved wood and made walking sticks and umbrella knobs. In 1974, her mother perpetuated the adventure, creating umbrellas for the most prominent Parisian haute couture houses. In 2002, Alexandra Sojfer, ready to write her part of the family history, bought one of the most established umbrella shops, founded in 1834 on boulevard Saint-Germain. There, in her own premises, she set about creating her distinctive world.

It is a world reflective of her imagination, born of originality and modernity set within a frame of classicism and tradition. Essentially, Alexandra has turned the umbrella into an accessory in its own right – the continuation of an outfit. With an ancestral expertise, she creates items of exception formed from noble and precious materials. She finds inspiration in what surrounds her and does so with infinite freedom. To play with textures, colors and shapes, to mix them together, that is how she invents her world. Her collections are worthy of the most famous haute couture houses.

Replete with exquisite umbrellas, sun umbrellas, walking sticks and other creations, her boutique is an invitation to dream. Alexandra fosters a climate of trust. She knows exactly how to choose or to create the right accessory for any person. From custom-made creations to repair service, every detail matters. Dedicated to an eager pursuit of perfection and customer satisfaction, Alexandra Sojfer perpetuates the idea of French excellence.