Evening satin cross body purse with embroidered shells and Swarovski crystals 1650€ TTC / bracelet with embroidered shells 480€ TTC / UV proof parasol lined with cheesecloth 1100€ TTC

Uv-proof parasol, beech wood shaft, ash tree handle, silk satins ribbons, cheesecloth lining 2950€ TTC

UV proof parasol, sparkled with embroidered Swarovski crystals, lined with silk organza, removable handle covered with ostrich 1790€ TTC

Uv-proof parasol with beech wood shaft, ash tree handle, silk satin ribbons and Swarovski embroidered silk organza 2750€ TTC

"Vintage" uv-proof parasol, beech wood shaft, cheesecloth on the outside and cotton string 1680€ TTC